Keanu Reeves Fans Thinks He Looks Like John Wick In The Matrix: Resurrections

The Matrix: Resurrections

Keanu Reeves has been a recognizable presence in Hollywood for over 30 years. During that time, he hasn’t changed his look much. He may have evolved from the floppy-haired youth of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure to the buzz cut-sporting action hero of Speed before favoring a long hair and beard combination in recent projects. Outside of those motifs, however, there hasn’t been much deviation.

Yesterday brought the first official look at The Matrix: Resurrections via a crop of new images and no less than 180,000 unique video clips, and it was about due. The latest installment in the sci-fi action franchise is coming to theaters in four months, and yesterday’s reveals were only the prelude to Thursday’s full-length trailer debut.

However, some fans have been quick to point out that Reeves’ Neo looks an awful lot like John Wick, almost as if they’re being played by the same actor or something.

Set photos snapped during production on The Matrix: Resurrections showed Reeves sporting Neo’s shorter hairdo, so we’re going to be getting two distinctly different aesthetics from the leading man. An educated guess would lead us to believe that the much more hirsute John Anderson exists in the real world, while his shaved counterpart is part of the Matrix itself. Either way, we’ll have a much better idea tomorrow when the promo drops.