Keanu Reeves Reportedly Still Up For Ghost Rider Despite Kraven The Hunter Offer

Ghost Rider

The problem with both Marvel Studios and DC Films making it abundantly clear that they’re chasing Keanu Reeves for a role in their respective comic book franchises is that the actor will inevitably find himself linked to a huge number of in-development projects, and separating fact from fiction becomes harder given that we know the two companies are actively trying to make it happen.

Last summer, it looked to be a straight shootout between the MCU’s rebooted Ghost Rider and a delayed sequel to cult favorite Constantine that would refit the occult investigator as part of DCEU continuity as to where Reeves would make his superhero bed, but neither has moved any further along the development process in the months since.

Yesterday, reports began making the rounds that the John Wick star had been offered a role in Sony’s Kraven the Hunter, with the news that a third shared universe could be vying for his services adding another wrinkle to the constant talk. Insider Daniel Richtman is now claiming, however, that Ghost Rider still remains very much on the table, despite Sony also throwing their hat into the Keanu-shaped ring.

Of course, Reeves would be a much better fit for Johnny Blaze than he would for Sergei Kravinoff, and based on Sony’s track record for torpedoing their own superhero franchises, he’d probably be more creatively fulfilled at Marvel Studios as well. For now, everything remains confined to the realm of rumor and speculation, but once the 56 year-old gets those back to back John Wick sequels out of the way this year, there’ll be a gap in his schedule which could very well be filled by one of Hollywood’s marquee comic book brands.