Kevin Feige Reportedly Wants Robert Pattinson For His Star Wars Movie

Robert Pattinson

Having sworn off big budget blockbusters for almost a decade following the conclusion of The Twilight Saga, Robert Pattinson has softened his stance in a major way. After stealing virtually every scene he’s in as the only source of levity in Christoper Nolan’s otherwise solemn and straight-faced Tenet, many of the actor’s critics were also forced to eat their words when the stunning first teaser trailer for The Batman arrived.

The footage was rapturously received, but things took a turn for the worst when the movie was forced to halt production shortly after resuming as the leading man tested positive for COVID-19. Shooting is set to get back underway over the next couple of weeks, though, and now that the trailer has exponentially raised expectations, the 34 year-old is under even more pressure than before to deliver.

Pattinson is expected to headline at least three solo movies for director Matt Reeves, but we’ve heard from our sources today – the same ones that told us the Fast & Furious franchise is headed to space and that Ben Affleck is returning for The Flash, both of which were correct – that the former Harry Potter star could yet end up joining another one of Hollywood’s most iconic franchises.

According to our intel, Kevin Feige is interested in having Pattinson board the cast of his in-development Star Wars pic. The Marvel Studios head honcho wants his time in a galaxy far, far away to focus largely on original characters, having been keenly aware of the backlash that greeted the Sequel Trilogy’s over-reliance on nostalgia and familiar faces, and he apparently has a role in mind for the former Twilight star.

Feige is said to be a huge fan of Pattinson’s reinvention as a dedicated and committed talent, and sees him as the ideal candidate to join a Star Wars project that still remains shrouded in mystery. It’s unclear what exactly the super producer’s film will be about or what it’ll involve, but it’ll no doubt look to emulate the success he brought to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.