Kevin Smith Says The Captain Marvel Trailer Was Breathtaking And Brilliant


A ridiculous number of people have already seen the first Captain Marvel trailer, many of whom came away feeling optimistic for next year’s release, but only one of whom was writer, director, and noted comic book fan Kevin Smith.

On his Fatman Beyond podcast, Smith shared his very enthusiastic thoughts on the teaser for Carol Danvers’ MCU debut, and from the sound of things, he was pretty blown away. For one thing, Smith appreciated the wordplay employed in the trailer’s text.

“Look, my heart soared but my ego plummeted in the toilet when I saw them go ‘Her – Hero’,” Smith explained. “I have been on this best of all possible worlds 48 years and I never saw that coming. Never saw, ‘Oh my god, if you put an ‘O’ on ‘her’ it’s hero.’ F**k the special effects, that got me. I was like, ‘Oh my god, that’s f**king breathtaking and f**king brilliant.’”

What’s more, the trailer’s opening sequence where Carol falls from the sky and into a Blockbuster was a nice moment of nostalgia for the Clerks director.

“Add to it, it opens with our main character falling through the sky into the roof of a video store and I was just like, ‘I used to work in one of those. This feels very personal. The ‘90s? I might be in this!’ We waited to see who was going to save us from Thanos and $#!+ and they finally gave us a glimpse.”

Of course, for many of us, the trailer’s most memorable moment came when Carol smacked an old woman in the face. While the clip left some viewers a little shocked and confused, it was a section that Smith both understood and enjoyed.

“Seeing her at the end of the trailer, of course, being in the costume that everybody knows was absolutely f**ing thrilling…We’ve seen the image of the Skrulls…which leads to, if you’re a comic book fan, a great moment in the trailer where Captain Marvel rocks some old woman in the face…I loved it”

Smith’s favorite part, however, was the clip that gave us our first look at Carol in her somewhat divisive helmet.

“My favorite image in the trailer, single image…single shot was they have her wearing the helmet with the glowing f**king eyes. I took a screenshot of that and put it up on my laptop because $#!+ like that does it for me. That took me right into the comic. That took me into my childhood. Like, that looks f**ked up and wonderful and perfect and I can’t believe we’re in the world of glowing eyes on f**king helmets now. Like, oh my god, everything about this is fantastic.”

Now here’s a fan who’ll be anxious to catch Captain Marvel when it finally hits theaters next year.

If you’re still not completely sold on it, you can expect plenty more promotional material and probably a more revealing, less teaser-y trailer in the lead-up to the film’s March 8th, 2019, release, shortly before Carol returns in Avengers 4 on May 3rd.