Kevin Smith Offers Second Take On Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice


Soon after Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice came tumbling off the Warner Bros. production line, shackled with an almost unprecedented level of expectation, self-proclaimed DC mega-fan Kevin Smith weighed in with his own verdict on Zack Snyder’s titanic showdown – and the writer-director didn’t pull any punches.

Now that Smith has seen Dawn of Justice for the second time, the filmmaker has offered up his alternate review via Instagram, after seeing the movie with his The Flash star, Jason Mewes.


With Smith set to direct an upcoming episode of The Flash – where Mewes will star – his second assessment is much more enthusiastic than the critical pummelling he dished two weeks before, even if it isn’t quite a full u-turn.

Here’s an extract from Smith’s comprehensive Instagram post:

[Jason Mewes] LOVES his comic books – so much so that I’ve never heard him say he’s ever read a bad comic book (and I know for a fact he went deep on the I’ll-fated @marvel “New Universe” titles back in the day). He doesn’t dissect superhero material, he just consumes. Analyzing is for academics: Jay’s just there to see his heroes come to life. So to thank me for sneaking him into the @dccomics universe, Jay took me to see @batmanvsuperman again (my second time, his first). I liked the flick more on my second viewing (see 1 hour review on my #KevinSmith #youtube channel).

I’d said the film didn’t have any heart, but after the second viewing, I actually found the heart in #batmanvsuperman: it’s in the viewer. And the viewer I watched the blockbuster with the second time was all agog, eyes as big as saucers. During the Knightmare sequence, we shared a moment that even elevated the flick for me: when the winged New Gods nasties attack #Batman and take him down, Jay (age 40) & I (age 45) simultaneously looked at one another and whispered reverently “ParaDemons.” It was a beautiful moment shared by two lifelong fanboys who were delighted to see their childhood flash before their eyes.

Since making its bow three weeks ago, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has now soared to $700 million in the face of divisive reviews. There’s also murmurings of a solo Superman flick (Man of Steel 2?) along with Ben Affleck’s standalone Batman movie, with the latter appearing to be further along in development.

Tell us, have you seen Zack Snyder’s divisive film yet? If so, what did you think of it?