Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Crosses $700 Million Mark Worldwide


It may have seen a mighty big drop during its second week in release (69%, to be exact), but Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is still chugging along at a respectable pace, crossing the $700 million worldwide mark today as it barrels down on the big $1 billion.

That’s a milestone that Warner Bros. intends to hit, too, as they recently announced that the film’s big drop during its second week in release didn’t worry them at all. Instead, the studio pointed to the worldwide gross, which as we mentioned above, just broke through $700 million.


We feel fairly confident that the superhero showdown will hit the $1 billion mark, but just how far will it go? Can it reach the same heights that Star Wars: The Force Awakens did just months ago? Likely not, but still, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is a definite box office success for Warner Bros., and though it may not have been the juggernaut that many predicted it to be, it should end up making enough money to please studio execs and warrant numerous sequels.

Tell us, what did you think of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice? Was it as bad as the critics said, or have reviewers been too harsh on it? Sound off below and let us know!