Kit Harington’s Black Knight Rumored To Be Getting A Solo Movie After Eternals

Game of Thrones

Marvel Cinematic Universe fans finally got their first look at footage from Chloe Zhao’s Eternals when the Phase Four sizzle reel dropped a few days back, and while it wasn’t enough to give us a good indication of the storyline or action sequences, it generated plenty of talking points anyway.

People were hyped at the thought of a sword-wielding Angelina Jolie in the MCU, while a lot of folks thought they’d spotted a major goof, but that wasn’t the case, as Kumail Nanjiani’s Kingo will mirror his comic book counterpart by having a camera crew follow him around everywhere he goes, given his status as a famous actor.

Now that the sizzle reel is out in the open, it won’t be too long until the first full-length trailer arrives, with Eternals just over six months away from release. And despite being shrouded in secrecy and delayed by an entire year, the rumor mill regarding the project has continued to churn, with the latest story claiming that Kit Harington’s Black Knight could be getting a solo outing in the future.

The report in question doesn’t divulge much in the way of details, but we’ve been hearing for well over two years that Harington’s Dane Whitman will be set up as a major player in the MCU moving forward, having already been linked to a standalone feature on more than one occasion, as well as headlining an Excalibur team-up and even potentially becoming a member of the New Avengers.

As always, we won’t know for sure what Marvel has in store until after the dominoes fall in the wake of Eternals‘ November debut, but the key members of titular team are sure to make their presence felt all over the MCU for a long time to come.