Kong: Skull Island Reportedly Features A Post-Credits Scene – But Will It Involve Godzilla?


Though it’s a tradition often reserved for Marvel films, on March 10th, you may want to hang around after Kong: Skull Island to catch a purportedly “awesome” post-credits stinger.

That’s according to Kellvin Chavez of Splash Report, who attended an early press screening of Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ immense creature feature. Legendary’s embargo naturally kept Chavez from divulging too much, but by soliciting a handful of questions from curious fans, he did tease that the primordial ape will get plenty of screentime in Skull Island, which proved to be one of the big criticisms leveled at Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla movie.

Speaking of which, and assuming today’s report holds true, the post-credits scene included at the end of Kong: Skull Island will surely feature some sort of nod to Gojira, be it in the form of a full-blown action shot – atomic breath and all – or, in the more likely scenario, a segment that focuses on the nefarious Monarch corporation as it explores the extraordinary history behind the alpha predator. Skull Island takes place at the height of the Vietnam War and is therefore considered a prequel, so it’ll be interesting to discover how Legendary uses Vogt-Roberts’ blockbuster to tie its shared MonsterVerse closer together. And no, it’s not an origin story.

Per Twitter:

Kong: Skull Island is booked in for release on March 10th. Following up on Godzilla, it’s the second entry into that aforementioned MonsterVerse, and will be followed by Godzilla: King of the Monsters (March 22nd, 2019) and Godzilla Vs. Kong (2020). The latter date will likely change to lend Michael Dougherty’s sequel some breathing space before Gojira and the mighty ape go toe-to-toe. In the words of Ken Watanabe’s scientist, “let them fight!”