Kristen Stewart Reportedly Wants Bella To Be Bisexual In New Twilight Movie

Kristen Stewart

With new Harry Potter and The Hunger Games projects reportedly in development, it’s no surprise that a revival of the Twilight Saga is also apparently happening. Likewise, much as we’re hearing that Daniel Radcliffe and Jennifer Lawrence are wanted to return for those other YA franchises, it’s said that the studio is hoping to bring back Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart as Edward and Bella. But it seems the stars have a few conditions that would need to be met for them to sign on.

Tipster Daniel Richtman has been the one behind all this talk and, in his latest update on the situation, he’s claimed that Stewart has a specific stipulation about her character if she were to return. The Happiest Season actress allegedly wants Bella to be revealed as bisexual. This piece of intel follows on from Richtman’s earlier rumor that the studio was looking to get the star back on board alongside Pattinson.

In the years since Twilight ended, Stewart has come out as queer and become a major advocate for the community, so it adds up that she would want the supernatural saga to have some major LGBTQ representation. No story details have been revealed as yet for this potential new movie, but presumably the idea would be that another love interest for Bella – and rival for Edward – will be introduced, and Stewart would like them to be female.


Pattinson has got his own requirements for his return, too. The Batman star apparently will only come back if he receives a hefty financial incentive. This isn’t surprising, either, considering how the British actor has been distancing himself from Twilight ever since saying goodbye to his vampire alter ego. He wouldn’t have any creative or artistic interest in returning to the role, so it makes sense that he’d only do it for the money.

To be honest, it seems hard to believe that either Stewart or Pattinson would head back to Twilightespecially in lead parts, but it is easy to believe that producers are desperate to reignite the brand. In any case, we’ll just have to see how things play out.