Kristen Stewart Reportedly Eyed For New Twilight Movie

Kristen Stewart

Just when you thought it was safe, author Stephenie Myer returned to the world of Twilight last summer as new book Midnight Sun was released, reigniting the dormant fandom who had obsessed over the feature film franchise a decade previously.

It’s hard to describe just how passionate, intense and often downright manic Twilight mania was at the apex of its popularity, but there were teenage girls and middle-aged moms at each other’s throats over whether they were Team Edward or Team Jacob, and it was truly bizarre to witness.

It also yielded a massively successful movie series, with the five installments combining to earn over $3.3 billion at the box office despite all of them being tepidly received by critics, with none of them managing to rise above a 49% score on Rotten Tomatoes. Myer has already revealed that she’s planning to write two more books, though, which would have naturally pricked up the ears of Summit Entertainment, who hold the rights to adapt her work for the big screen.


The five movies in The Twilight Saga are the production company’s biggest commercial hits ever, not to mention the only consistently marketable property they have at their disposal other than John Wick, so it feels like an inevitability that we’ll be seeing the sparkly vampires again in one form or another.

On that note, insider Daniel Richtman is claiming that not only do Summit want to bring Twilight back to theaters around the world, but they also want Kristen Stewart to return as Bella Swan. The tipster doesn’t offer much more than that, but it’s nonetheless hard to imagine Stewart wanting to return to that particular phase of her career, unless of course a dump truck packed to the brim with cash arrives at her home.