Kronos Of The Eternals Tipped To Appear In Avengers 4


Amid rumors that the Living Tribunal may pop up for a cameo in Avengers 4, the folks over at MCU Cosmic have put forward a new fan theory of their own: Joe and Anthony Russo’s 2019 sequel will herald an appearance from Kronos, keeper of time in the wider Marvel universe.

He’s a member of The Eternals, too, and we know Marvel Studios is actively pursuing an Eternals spinoff movie as part of its plans for Phase 4 – hell, there’s even been talk of Josh Brolin reprising the role of Thanos beyond 2019, though whether that comes to pass is another question entirely.

But at least according to MCU Cosmic, it’s looking increasingly likely that the Russo Brothers have earmarked at least once cosmic character to cameo in Avengers 4, given Kronos fits the bill quite nicely. He is the master of time, after all, and we imagine he’ll be conscious of Tony Stark and Co. meddling with time, as Jeremy Conrad points out:

  • Jim Starlin reportedly told a convention crowd last month that he’ll receive more credit in Avengers 4, meaning another one of his characters will be showing up and he did create Kronos.
  • He is an Eternal, which is something Marvel is putting a lot of push behind.
  • He helped found the planet of Titan, which we saw in Infinity War and is where Thanos is from.
  • He is the cosmic master of time in the Marvel universe.

Other rumored Avengers 4 tidbits include the possibility of Tony Stark crafting a ‘Thanos Buster’ to defeat, well, Thanos, and speculation that the Russo Brothers’ sequel will place a heavy emphasis on the fraught Nebula/Thanos relationship – just as Infinity War built its massive story around Gamora’s familial ties to the Mad Titan.

Either way, we’ll be able to see Avengers 4 in all its glory on May 3rd, 2019.

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