New Clues For Avengers 4 Fuel The Thanos Buster Theory


With his renown intellect and near-infinite pool of resources, Tony Stark has always existed on the cutting edge of weapons technology.

He built Ultron, after all, and even managed to stifle the Incredible Hulk using his Mark XLIV Armor. All of this occurred during Age of Ultron, which really goes to show that Robert Downey Jr.’s billionaire playboy is capable of just about anything once he puts his mind to it. But what about topping Thanos?

Iron Man was one of the few heroes left standing after Avengers: Infinity War, all but confirming that he’ll clash with Marvel’s Mad Titan once again in the not-so-distant future – like, say, Avengers 4. Adding weight to that claim is this new theory put forward by YouTuber Everything Always (h/t Screen Geek), in which it’s alleged that Tony Stark will build a suit capable of wielding all six Infinity Stones simultaneously.

Its name? The ‘Thanos Buster’, and down below you’ll see a mock-up image that imagines what said armor could look like:

Thanos buster Avengers 4

It’s just a theory, of course, but the fact that Avengers 4 has teed up a potentially deadly showdown between Thanos and Marvel’s Phase One heroes – Iron Man included – leads us to believe that Tony Stark will be among those scouring the galaxy in search of the Infinity Stones.

Remember, it’s looking increasingly likely that the Marvel sequel will include elements of time travel, so we imagine Stark and the gang will revisit different eras (the Battle of New York, for instance), to acquire an Infinity Stone before it falls into the giant, purple hands of Thanos.

So even if he doesn’t build the so-called Thanos Buster, it looks certain that Avengers 4 will still allocate a large chunk of screentime to Tony Stark. Or, failing that, Nebula, who still has a score to settle with the Mad Titan…

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