L3-37 From Solo: A Star Wars Story Was Based On An Old Idea From George Lucas


Though the Star Wars saga belongs to Disney now, it seems that series creator George Lucas still has some influence on how the latest films turn out, with the recent Solo: A Star Wars Story reportedly taking inspiration from an idea that Lucas came up with back in the early 2000s.

In a new Target exclusive art book for the Han Solo spinoff movie, it was revealed that the L3-37 droid’s activist streak was a notion conceived by the producer several years before this latest run of films hit our screens. It makes you wonder if Lucas had anymore ideas that are still waiting to come our way in some future outing.

Ultimately, before L3-37 could follow through on her intentions to free her all metal brethren, she suffered one of the strangest fates that this franchise has yet seen, with the character getting assimilated by the Millennium Falcon’s A.I. Nonetheless, Phoebe Waller-Bridge reportedly took home some fond memories from her run as L3 and seems more than willing to reprise the role if the series should call for it.

Sadly, while Solo director Ron Howard has previously speculated that a return for L3 is plausible, the film’s underwhelming box office returns significantly lessened the odds of there ever being a sequel. In fact, the current talk is that Disney will be slowing down its output of Star Wars features after Star Wars: Episode IX drops at the end of next year.

Despite Solo: A Star Wars Story floundering at the box office, the film was generally well received by the fans and critics who did turn up to see it. If you’re among those who feel like revisiting L3-37 and her flesh-based peers, remember that the movie’s now available on home video release and boasts a few noteworthy bonus features.

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