That First Avengers 4 Trailer Description Was Apparently Fake


Recently, a Reddit post claimed to have a leaked description of the upcoming Avengers 4 trailer. As you’d expect, it soon went viral with folks taking it at its word. However, as we pointed out in our write-up of the story earlier this week, it’s worth bearing in mind that it’s only from Reddit and is best to take with a pinch of salt.

That said, its contents did seem pretty believable. It claimed that the trailer would feature Tony Stark and Steve Rogers reuniting in Wakanda, Ant-Man traveling through the Quantum Realm, flashbacks to The Avengers, Hawkeye in his new guise as Ronin, Captain Marvel joining the team and, something that got fans pretty excited: Hulk training for a rematch with Thanos after being thoroughly whopped in Avengers: Infinity War

However, Jeremy Conrad at MCU Cosmic is now warning us to dismiss the description as a fake. The “leak” appeared to confirm Conrad’s previous report that Avengers 4 would be called Avengers: Annihilation, as the description said the final shot of the trailer would reveal the title, but the writer’s ruling out the chances of the post being genuine.

Instead, Conrad seems to have some insight into the upcoming trailer himself and teased a little about what it would contain. In contrast to the description, which claimed the teaser would be several minutes long, Conrad says the real one is “much shorter” and will refrain from diving into too much of the actual plot. In his words: “It’ll feature dialog and scenes that give a hint about what happens in the next Avengers movie, without laying out specific plot points or story lines.”

So, if Conrad’s on the money here, we’re back to square one on the Avengers 4 trailer front. He mentions in his report that the real thing will be arriving in late November, though, so there’s not too long left now until the wait’s finally over.

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