Latest Avengers: Infinity War TV Spot Reveals New Footage Of The Iron Spider


As Marvel’s marketing barrage for Avengers: Infinity War continues, the TV spots are coming in thick and fast. Just last night we got a rather epic one where the Mad Titan threatened to snap his fingers and wipe out half the universe – a threat we believe he might just make good on. But when it comes to the studio’s latest promo, the focus is instead shifted back to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, with most of what we see here being recycled footage from previous trailers.

However, there is one fresh shot that’s sure to get fans excited, as for a brief second, Peter Parker appears in his nifty new Iron Spider suit, giving us another look at the slick costume. It’s not much, but given that this is one of the upgrades we’re most curious about when it comes to what the heroes will be sporting, we’ll take it.

For those who don’t know, the suit was initially created for the comics back in 2006, after Tony made it for Peter once he’d brought the web-slinger under his wing. Spidey wore it for a while, until he defected from Iron Man’s side to Cap’s team in the Civil War conflict, whereupon he returned to his traditional look.

On the page, the Iron Spider armor had a red and gold colour scheme, much like Iron Man’s suit. However, as you can see in this new TV spot, the MCU version is still mostly that classic Spidey red and blue, though it does feature some black and gold detailing.

Similar to Iron Man’s Model-Prime, comic book fans will know that the Iron Spider armor is also equipped with protein-scale nanotechnology, which grants Peter Parker enhanced strength and even controlled gliding as he begins to confront Josh Brolin’s Thanos.

Because make no mistake about it, with his Black Order and a fully-powered Infinity Gauntlet, the Mad Titan is all set to be the biggest, baddest threat that Spidey and co. have ever faced. And with Avengers: Infinity War being positioned as a hugely significant film for the franchise, you can bet that there’ll be some casualties along the way. In fact, Joe Russo confirmed as much earlier today.

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