Latest Fantasy News: ‘Willow’ showrunner reveals how the original walked so ‘Harry Potter’ could run as a theorized connection between James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ and ‘The Abyss’ turns heads

Willow - Warwick Davis
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Minor details are the name of the game in fantasy news this week, as fans of the genre hone in on some of their favorite releases’ most minute inclusions. Theories about two James Cameron worlds, and how they could be connected, are crowding fan’s brains even as the extensive lore behind The Witcher overtakes conversations about who will seize the mantle of Geralt of Rivia.

Those seemingly sidelined additions are exactly what make these franchises so popular, however, even years after they published their first release. With fantasy news largely falling to the wayside of stellar mystery, horror, and holiday-themed releases, fans are instead honing in on the sidelined — but necessary — details that make these franchises what they are.

That’s not to say that major details aren’t necessary to a great story. One of the biggest plot points in the original Willow was so iconic, in fact, that the showrunner for its upcoming spin-off thinks it deserves credit for some of Harry Potter’s success. 

The Witcher fans take a break from the Geralt drama to ponder the franchise’s many toxic potions 

Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill) with dark veins surrounding his black eyes and white hair
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Netflix’s adaptation of The Witcher has been featured prominently in conversations for weeks, but not for anything good. Thankfully, fans managed to find a quick break from the recasting drama in conversations about the franchise’s branching lore, and the many potions featured across its releases. Some of these potions are uniquely helpful in a pinch, but others are thoroughly toxic, and shouldn’t be consumed by anyone, anywhere, for any reason whatsoever. 

Geralt’s School of the Wolf is only one among many

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That’s not the only minute detail Witcher fans are zeroing in on as a distraction from news about Henry Cavill and Liam Hemsworth. They’re also examining the alternate Witcher schools, outside of the well-known School of the Wolf. Geralt is far from the only Witcher in the Continent, and his fellows come from a range of alternate schools, each of which emphasize certain traits and philosophies. 

Without Willow, would we have Harry Potter?

Harry Potter - Willow
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The original Willow was, and remains, an iconic fantasy creation. It’s finally getting the respect it’s long deserved in the form of a televised spin-off, which debuts on Disney Plus tomorrow. The original film was a major inspiration for a number of massive projects, according to the showrunner, including the massively popular Harry Potter franchise. The iconic film paved the way for the beloved Wizarding World, and even shares an iconic scene with the titular Harry’s first appearance on-screen. 

Could James Cameron’s Avatar and The Abyss be connected?

The Na’vi gathered around the Tree of Souls and connecting to Eywa
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An intriguing theory caught fan attention this week, after the director behind  Jurassic World proposed that the worlds in James Cameron’s Avatar and The Abyss are connected. He found the bioluminescent nature of alien life in The Abyss familiar, and openly wondered if it shared any connection with Pandora. Cameron himself responded to the theory, noting that bioluminescence has long sparked wonder in him, and that the two worlds are connected, if only in his brain.