Latest Horror News: Ghostface issues two eerie warnings to ‘Scream’ star Jenna Ortega as fans tease an MCU-inspired ‘Fantastic Four’ in horror

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Happy hump day, eerie eagers! It’s Wednesday (no, not that Wednesday), which means we’re just a few short days away from the weekend — and naturally, that poses the golden opportunity to binge through the newest selections in the spooky catalog. And trust us, there’s plenty of genre goodies that are deserving of your eyes and attention. Some of those will even be highlighted in today’s daily horror roundup here at We Got This Covered. Amongst the latest news, iconic horror villain Ghostface continues to send warning shots to Jenna Ortega while genre diehards believe they have figured out the best MCU-inspired Fantastic Four cast.

So, before you start planning your much-anticipated trip to Halloween Horror Nights in Universal this upcoming October, feast your eyes on the latest updates in spookyland.

Horror fans take a page out of the MCU playbook by casting a stellar Fantastic Four lineup

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As Marvel fanatics keep their eyes locked on the headlines while awaiting future cast announcements regarding the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, horror fans have playfully carved out which notable genre characters would serve as the blueprint for a horror-fronted Fantastic Four. In the latest viral post shared to Twitter, one user insisted that killer doll M3GAN (M3GAN), The Mother (Barbarian), Pearl (Pearl), and Sue Ann (Ma) would make the perfect Fantastic Four as far as spooky is concerned. It’s hard to argue with such a stellar list of names — especially when all four of those eerie performances have remained burned in the minds of diehards everywhere. It’s a damn-near perfect casting, if you ask us.

Believe it or not, horror has the power to keep creating fears for people of all ages

The Ring horror
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One of the most intriguing aspects about the colossal horror genre is that it has the undeniable ability to touch people’s fears and invoke a particular sense of panic. As a result, those poor souls who constantly adhere to these frightful features have found that their fears have been heightened over the years — and for some people, these movies are the actual foundation for the discovery of their fears. With that said, some of these terrifying flicks have resonated fears bigger than others — including a fear of trucks that carry logs (thanks to Final Destination) and seeing static suddenly appear on the television set (thanks to The Ring). Then again, that’s the absolute beauty of horror, folks.

Ghostface has issued not one, but two, major warnings to Jenna Ortega

Ghostface sends a terrifying message to 'Scream' star Jenna Ortega in the middle of the Golden Globes
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Ghostface, the blood-thirsty villain from the classic Scream franchise, has unapologetically made it known that he has his sights set on star Jenna Ortega. Of course, this is obviously directed more towards Ortega’s character Tara, who has proven to be a major thorn in the side of Ghostface since her debut in Scream (2022) last year. Over the last 24 hours, Ghostface has issued two warnings to Ortega, insisting that fans better enjoy her time alive while it lasts — which has caused plenty of speculation in regards to Ortega’s future in the franchise and the possible demise of fan-favorite Tara. We’ll have to wait until the sixth movie to see what unfolds, although we’re certainly having fun watching Ghostface carefully stalk his prey.

Crawl back in tomorrow, fearful souls, for an all new horror roundup.