Latest Horror News: Mia Goth and Alexander Skarsgård lead a terrifying new feature as M3GAN dance collab with Taylor Swift leaves fans unsettled

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Happy Thursday, fear-lovers! Luckily, the weekend is just around the corner, which opens up the opportunity for plenty of time to binge-watch a plethora of engaging genre flicks on Netflix, or, of course, your streaming service of choice. And while you’re knee deep in the latest zombie craze, be sure to keep your eyes gazed for an abundance of fresh-faced updates in today’s daily horror roundup here at We Got This Covered. From a collection of android-like M3GANs dancing along to an iconic Taylor Swift anthem to a Wednesday star pulling for queer representation in one of the show’s most intriguing couples, it’s going to be a roundup for the ages.

So, stop what you’re doing and feast your eyes on the newest bulletins happening now in the realm of horror.

Nobody had M3GANs dancing to Taylor Swift on their bingo card

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Blumhouse’s latest viral sensation M3GAN continues to take the horror world by storm, with the android-like figure now seemingly terrorizing the genre with the help of pop superstar Taylor Swift. At the recent M3GAN premiere, a group of M3GAN lookalikes put together a flashdance montage as they danced along the red carpet with Taylor Swift’s “It’s Nice to Have a Friend” playing in the background. And trust us, the entire ordeal is something straight out of a nightmare. Nevertheless, it’s surely a power play move that creates more promotion for the upcoming feature, which is set to premiere in theaters the first week of 2023. Time to get grooving, androids!

Mia Goth and Alexander Skarsgård are the horror duo we didn’t know we needed

Infinity Pool horror
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As 2022, a year that has been considered one of the best for horror, sadly comes to an end, it looks as though 2023 is looking to pick up right where this year left off. And it appears that it’s starting off with a bang, with Brandon Cronenberg’s horror extravaganza Infinity Pool utilizing some A-List talent. The flick’s official trailer was released earlier today, with Mia Goth and Alexander Skarsgård shining in the lead. Goth stars as a bizarre tour guide and Skarsgård leads as one half of a rich couple on a lavish island resort. And judging by the looks of it, 2023 is going to be a roaring success for the world of cinematic horror — and we’re definitely here for it.

Even the cast of Wednesday is calling for this queer relationship to happen

'Wednesday' continues to propel Lady Gaga's 'Bloody Mary' success
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As if Wednesday’s fanbase wasn’t calling for it enough, it turns out that several cast members have been adamant that Wednesday is meant to be a queer character who should have a queer relationship with fellow Nevermore roommate Enid Sinclair. Ever since their first interaction, fans have fallen in love with the duo’s dynamic, with many stans pushing for the two to become a romantic couple. Unfortunately, Wednesday has a few potential love interests set up for season two, but it’s becoming more clear that none of them are Enid. Bummer. One of these cast members, Hunter Doohan, shared a post that contains plenty of quotes from several other stars backing up the claim for “Wenclair” to happen. Of course, only time will tell where the future goes, but it’s clear now what the people want.

Catch you back here tomorrow, horror heathens, for another daily WGTC roundup.