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Latest Horror News: Mia Goth reaches scream queen status as fans debate the best found footage films

Move over, girls ⏤ there's a new queen in town.

Mia Goth in Pearl wielding an ax
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Happy Monday, horror fans! As the mugs of pumpkin spice lattes continue to flow and the crisp autumn breeze slowly blows in, there’s no time more perfect than now for a roundup of the latest horror news. This past weekend, the realm of horror was electrified with stories, including Ti West’s horror extravaganza Pearl helping to catapult genre star Mia Goth as a certified Scream Queen. On top of that, blood-soaked genre fans debated which found footage films are the absolute best.

So, before you begin decorating the house for Halloween (that is, if you haven’t already done so), grab a helping of pumpkin spice anything and feast your eyes on the latest news in horror!

Mia Goth is now a scream queen thanks to Pearl

Pearl Mia Goth horror
Image via A24

Pearl, the second installment in horror auteur Ti West’s X trilogy, released in theaters just a little over a week ago. The horror prequel, which stars Mia Goth as the titular character, enjoyed a successful opening week as the film grossed a staggering $6 million on a simple budget of $1 million. All of this comes before the film has even seen an international release, which definitely boasts a pleasant starting place for West’s follow-up. Considering X grossed $14 million worldwide against a similar $1 million budget, horror fans seem to adore Goth in these spine-tingling roles ⏤ which has certainly helped her new status as a bonafide scream queen.

Horror fans are appreciating these iconic deep cuts from the ‘80s

Horror fans discuss favorite 80s movies
Image via New Line Cinema

From A Nightmare on Elm Street to Friday the 13th, the ‘80s was a significant decade for the world of horror. And while a vast majority of these movies have become cult classics, there’s no denying that many of them are some of the cheesiest films in cinematic history. There were certainly plenty of choices to be offered, but horror fans on the r/horror subreddit stuck to a few options that definitely take the cake ⏤ including Chopping Mall, Return to Horror High, and Slumber Party Massacre.

Which found footage films are the very best?

Best found footage horror flicks
Image via Fbi Films

Ever since iconic blockbusters like The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity, the found footage sub-genre has become a surefire cash-grab for horror filmmakers. Let’s face it, the idea of watching people explore haunted or abandoned areas while trucking around a poor-quality camera is undeniably entertaining. Unlike its early days, the found footage catalog is now chock-full of worthy contenders that rightfully fit under the umbrella, with movies like The Visit, Hell House LLC, and [REC].

Make sure to check back in tomorrow for another horror news roundup.

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