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Latest Horror News: ‘Terrifier 2’ star dishes on lack of nudity as fans suddenly turn their backs on a notable genre villain

Nudity doesn't define horror.

terrifier 2
Image via Bloody Disgusting

After a few days of temporary absence, We Got This Covered is back to provide you with the latest updates in the ever-present horror catalog! From spooky revelations surrounding favorable genre movies to unforgettable scary villains, there’s plenty of newsworthy headlines to explode in today’s juicy lineup. And with some major events happening in the entertainment world, such as the 2022 World Cup, it’s understandably easy to forget about reports in the spooky realm. Amongst the latest bits of news, a fresh-faced horror star from Terrifier 2 is here to clap back against demands of nudity as genre diehards are now questioning a popular villain.

So, before you get set to support your favorite team from the upcoming World Cup, feast your eyes on the latest updates in the spooky streamline.

Newsflash: Terrifier 2 is terrifying enough without an abundance of nudity

'Terrifier 2' star snaps back at fans disappointed by lack of nudity and brutality
Image via Dark Age

There’s certainly no denying that nudity is a common theme in the realm of cinematic horror, although Terrifier 2 star Laura LaVera is clapping back against a group of naysayers who are adamant that the film needed more nude scenes. In her thought-provoking response, LaVera insisted that men needing to witness women getting brutalized while naked is insanely harmful. LaVera’s standpoint is undoubtedly a stance that can be related with, seeing as horror movies are worth more artist value than just naked women on display. Kudos to the actress for speaking out and using her platform to support and defend women.

Is Art the Clown not as scary as once believed?

Art the Clown Terrifier 2
Image via Bloody Disgusting

Upon the release of Terrifier 2, moviegoers were passing out, vomiting, and shielding their eyes at the violent behavior and events that happened during the film. In the weeks following, fans were adamant that Art the Clown was a terrifying villain (no pun intended), and was scarier than notable figures like Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees. However, the outpouring of love for Art the Clown has soured over the last few weeks, with a large portion of Redditors questioning whether the clown-esque villain is truly scary or not. The reality is that, Art the Clown, like many horror villains, is a unique taste that is simply designed for specific palates.

Parker Finn reveals that satisfying jump scares make him Smile

Smile horror movie 2022
Image via Paramount Pictures

Smile director Parker Finn has revealed that he thoroughly enjoys a satisfying jump scare, despite some moviegoers being turned off by the genre element. And despite Finn’s glaring love for jump scares, it’s interesting to note that Smile actually didn’t include too many of them — which should certainly come as a surprise. Instead, the filmmaker relied on unsettling sequences and a slow-burn type of horror that leaves fans on the edge of their seats. Whether jump scares will be implemented in his future features or not remains up in the air, although it’s safe to assume that some are expected in the pipeline.

Crawl back in tomorrow, jump scare aficionados, for another daily horror roundup.

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