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Latest Marvel News: A Young Avenger looks set for a comeback and a ‘Star Wars’ icon comes clean on MCU chances

Phase Five is shaping up nicely.

Image via Marvel Comics

Let’s dive into our roundup of the biggest Marvel news that has dropped this Tuesday. As we say goodbye to August and get ready to ring in autumn, we’ve fittingly received word about the future of the MCU and how a major new hero is going to help shape its next phase. Additionally, a Star Wars legend has come clean about the chances of us seeing them in the MCU anytime soon.

Kate Bishop’s not off the board yet

Image via Marvel Studios

Marvel’s Phase Four has done a lot of work to set up the formation of the Young Avengers down the line, but to date, the studio has yet to confirm that it’s actually building up to the team’s arrival. Still, it looks like we can now rest assured that Hailee Steinfeld will be back as Kate Bishop pretty soon, anyway, as Disney Latino has confirmed that she’ll be a key player in Phase Five. Be on the lookout for more of Marvel’s best Hawkeye (sorry not sorry, Clint).

Daisy Ridley interview-bombs John Boyega… to talk about Marvel?

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Finn Poe Rey
Image via Lucasfilm/Disney

Here’s an unexpected cross-franchise crossover. John Boyega had an interview crashed by his old Star Wars co-star Daisy Ridley, who used the opportunity to quiz him on whether he’s got any plans to work with Marvel Studios. Sadly for fans of the Finn actor, who has been rumored for various superhero roles over the years, Boyega promised that he hasn’t. However, he did throw Ridley under the bus in the process, suggesting that she’s secretly be in the running for Spider-Woman. Theorists, start your engines.

Doctor Strange 2 star lands major new role

doctor strange 2
Image via Marvel Studios/Disney

Rising star Xochitl Gomez was just launched onto the Hollywood scene in the biggest way possible in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, in which she played the all-important role of America Chavez. Now the 16-year-old has landed her first major post-Marvel debut role in upcoming sci-fi thriller Ursa Major. She’ll lead opposite Mary Elizabeth Winstead as a mother and daughter pair fighting to survive on a dangerous alien world.

Marvel fans start Civil War II

Image via Marvel Studios

Remember the days when fans would be at each other’s throats over whether they sided with Team Cap or Team Iron Man in Captain America: Civil War? Well, some apparently miss those good ol’ times, as the r/MarvelStudios subreddit community recently attempted to start Civil War II (sorry to remind you of that awful comic book event) by reopening the debate over whether the Sokovia Accords were a good idea or not. Interestingly, with the benefit of hindsight, it seems that most are on Steve Rogers’ side.

Check back tomorrow for our next roundup of the biggest Marvel news around.

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