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Latest Marvel News: Fans prepare to be disappointed by ‘Avengers: Secret Wars’ while predicting a win for Wolverine

Pessimism and optimism in perfect balance. As all things should be.

Avengers Secret Wars
Image via Marvel

Happy Sunday, superhero prognosticators, it’s time for another Marvel news roundup. With this weekend being relatively quiet for MCU updates, fans have decided to use their Time Stones to predict the future. And they’ve come to the conclusion that the grand finale of the Multiverse Saga may actually end up being a big disappointment, as well as pondering whether Wolverine’s long-awaited return will finally deliver something we’ve been dreaming of seeing in live-action for over two decades now.

Fans unearth the real secret of Secret Wars: it’s gonna be disappointing

wesley snipes blade nicolas cage ghost rider ben affleck daredevil
via New Line Cinema/Sony/20th Century Fox

In the run-up to Doctor Strange 2, MCU fans let their imaginations run rampant as all kind of theories about pre-MCU Marvel actors showing up did the rounds. Well, we’re going to have that all over again times 100 ahead of Avengers: Secret Wars. So pessimistic (or maybe realistic, you decide) fans are stepping forward to warn people not to get their hopes too high this time or else they will be left sorely disappointed. I mean, can Secret Wars really out-Endgame Endgame?

Is the world finally ready for a comic-accurate Wolverine?

Cartoon Wolverine relaxes in bed looking at a framed photo
Image via Disney Plus.

Hugh Jackman’s Logan is one of the great cinematic superheroes, but we all know that there’s one thing he never gave us in nearly 20 years of X-Men movies: the yellow and blue (or even the brown) suit Wolvie wears in the comics. Although news is still non-existent on when the immortal mutant could join the MCU, folks are already wondering if Kevin Feige and company will finally do the right thing and deck the character out in his classic outfit. Hey, they already gave Professor X his hoverchair, right?

The Warner Bros. Iron Man movie that never was

via Marvel Studios

With the DCEU in disarray, it’s no secret that Warner Bros. execs must be looking over at Marvel Studios’ continual success with envy, so it’s hilarious to consider that WB once had a shot at helming the MCU themselves. Fans have just rediscovered that an early version of the Iron Man movie was shopped to the studio, but they turned it down due to the stupidest reason ever: ex-WB chief Bob Shaye considered the concept too far-fetched as he thought the hero would be too heavy to fly!

And the funniest scene in the whole MCU is…

puny god hulk loki the avengers
via Marvel Studios

The MCU’s reliance on jokes often gets a bad rep these days from humorless souls, but in a twist on the usual story some more mirthful Marvel lovers have lightened things up by debating the single funniest scene in the entire franchise. Unsurprisingly, anything involving the Guardians came up a lot, with folks loving Star-Lord and Thor’s rivalry in Avengers: Infinity War, as did the truth serum silliness in Ant-Man and the Wasp. Many seemed to agree, though, that Hulk throwing Loki around in The Avengers might just take the top spot. “Puny god.”

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