Latest Marvel News: ‘Shazam! Fury of the Gods’ set to avoid one major MCU problem as ‘Spider-Man 4’ could feature a ‘No Way Home’ star in a surprise return

shazam fury of the gods
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DC has certainly dominated the conversation in the comic book film and TV realm this week, what with the imminent release of Shazam! Fury of the Gods. That said, the widespread dominance of the MCU means that the Zachary Levi sequel can’t escape comparison to Marvel‘s offerings — even if it may avoid one of that franchise’s pitfalls. Meanwhile, a Spider-Man: No Way Home star might not be done with their role as Daredevil: Born Again fans get fearful all over again.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods director admits he deliberately designed it to avoid his biggest bugbear with the MCU

Photo via DC Studios

It remains to be seen whether Fury of the Gods — which is earning pretty lukewarm reviews and is headed for an underwhelming opening weekend at the box office — will manage to succeed where many of Marvel’s recent outings have slipped up. However, director David F. Sandberg is confident that it improves on the MCU formula in one key way. The filmmaker has admitted that he’s not a fan of the intense “serialization” of Marvel content that he claims causes the studio’s productions to blur together, so he deliberately sought for Shazam! 2 to be its own self-contained adventure.

Willem Dafoe wouldn’t take much convincing to come back and steal the show as Green Goblin a third time in Spider-Man 4

Spider-Man villain Green Goblin, snarling
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Try as they might, no other villain in the history of Marvel movies has chewed the scenery with quite the same gusto as Willem Dafoe in the role of Norman Osborn, so the Green Goblin icon’s latest comments will no doubt inspire excitement in the Spider-Man stans out there. Dafoe has revealed that he would be entirely up for coming back once more as the webhead’s ultimate enemy as he’s enjoyed playing the character so much. Well, if anyone can synthesize a way for this to happen, it’s Dafoe. After all, he is something of a scientist himself.

Everyone wants the Defenders in Daredevil: Born Again, but this suspected comeback is triggering tantrums

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For lovers of a hero nicknamed the Man Without Fear, Daredevil fans sure do seem to spend a lot of time fearing what might happen in Born Again. From worrying that everyone’s going to be recast in the upcoming revival series to anticipating the Punisher being Disney-fied, there always seems to be something giving DD diehards nightmares. The latest example? She-Hulk haters are having tantrums at the thought of Matt Murdock rekindling his relationship with Jennifer Walters in the new series for fear that it’ll turn into a backdoor She-Hulk: Attorney at Law season two. To quote Star-Lord, and what’s so wrong with that?

Even as some fans question what it is that makes the Fantastic Four so fantastic anyway, it’s not a stretch to say there will be a storm of fresh Marvel news soon enough.