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Latest Marvel News: The Avengers are officially dead, but a Netflix favorite is headed for a reboot

Avengers... disassemble.

Captain America in Avengers: Endgame
via Marvel Studios

This Sunday marked the morning after the night before for the Marvel fandom, as MCU-loving folks have been busy chewing over everything we learned — and notably didn’t learn — from this Saturday’s D23 Expo. Following on from all the trailers, announcements, updates, and more that came our way yesterday, some further fascinating news items have come to light today which have given fans a bit of a shock, and not necessarily the good kind…

Earth’s Mightiest Missing Heroes

avengers endgame
Image via Marvel Studios

It looks like Ultron got what he wanted, eventually, as Kevin Feige has dropped the shocking news that the Avengers are officially extinct in the current timeline of the MCU. While discussing how the Thunderbolts fit into the franchise, the Marvel president explained that “there isn’t an organization like the Avengers anymore,” which is what leads Contessa Val to form her team of reformed supervillains. Obviously, we’re expecting this fact to change once Avengers: The Kang Dynasty gets here, though.

Charlie Cox confirms Daredevil will be born again in Daredevil: Born Again… duh

daredevil she-hulk attorney at law
Image via Marvel Studios

The announcement of Daredevil: Born Again at this July’s San Diego Comic-Con was a cause for widespread celebration, but some comments provided by Charlie Cox at D23 have led folks to pause the party poppers. While all fans really want is just more of the Netflix show, Cox is maintaining that Born Again will be “a new beginning” with “new stories and new ideas.” He surmised: “It is a Season 1, it is not a Season 4.” Yay?

What’s next for War Machine in Armor Wars?

tony stark rhodey iron man 3
Image via Marvel Studios

The Secret Invasion trailer gave us a glimpse at Don Cheadle’s return as Rhodey in the incoming series, thereby confirming that the project will serve as a lead-in to Armor Wars, which will mark War Machine’s first solo outing in the MCU. As for where we’ll find Tony Stark’s best pal by the first episode, Cheadle has teased that Rhodey will be in a “very different place” following Iron Man’s death that he is confident is going to be “very surprising to a lot of people.” The guy knows how to drum up hype.

D23? We want Deadpool 3!

via 20th Century Fox

Despite all the goodies that D23 delivered, fans seem to be mostly talking about what we didn’t get, including major Fantastic Four updates and news on Scarlet Witch’s future. Folks are likewise growing antsy that we still hardly know anything about Deadpool 3, despite Ryan Reynolds and director Shawn Levy having been working on its script behind the scenes for several months now. Apparently, Marvel will be keeping mum about the Merc with the Mouth for the foreseeable.

Check back tomorrow, True Believers, for another roundup of the latest Marvel news.

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