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Latest Marvel News: The verdict on ‘Werewolf by Night’ is in as Kevin Feige reveals the real reason ‘Black Panther 2’ didn’t recast

The latest on Phase Four's last two projects.

Chadwick Boseman sitting on the Wakanda throne as King T'Challa in 'Black Panther'
Photo via Disney/Marvel Studios

Howling at the moon for another Marvel news roundup? Don’t worry, we’ve got ya covered. Ahead of its arrival on Disney Plus next week, early reactions for Werewolf by Night have given us a good indication of what we can expect from the MCU’s first Halloween special. Meanwhile, Kevin Feige has reflected on why Chadwick Boseman wasn’t replaced as T’Challa in Phase Four’s following project, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Let’s get cracking…

It’s official! Werewolf by Night is monstrously good

Werewolf by Night
Image via Marvel Studios/Disney Plus

Werewolf by Night‘s D23 trailer, with its winningly campy horror vibes, really got fans talking — and it looks like the full special is just as much of a treat. After a surprise screening at this weekend’s Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX, those in attendance have shared their reactions to the standalone hour-long adventure on social media, and thankfully no one seems to have a bad word to say about it. We’re excited for this one to scratch its way onto streaming next Friday, Oct. 7.

Kevin Feige on why Wakanda Forever would never have recast T’Challa

black panther t'challa
via Marvel Studios

The question of whether the Black Panther franchise should’ve recast Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa or not is one the Marvel fandom is constantly grappling with, but it seems this was never an issue for the studio itself. Kevin Feige has now supplied a definitive answer on why this was never going to happen in Wakanda Forever, linking back to Stan Lee’s original mantras for what Marvel is all about. He makes a good point, but the debate is likely going to rage on about this for a while.

Endgame concept art unveils alternate ending

via Marvel Studios

Tony Stark’s sacrifice in Avengers: Endgame is not just a character-defining moment, it was also the perfect way to wrap up the entire Infinity Saga. So that’s why a piece of newly uncovered concept art is so shocking — because it depicts Nebula as the one to undo Thanos’ actions with the Infinity Gauntlet. This would’ve been fascinating to see, and fans would’ve been tickled by this callback to the comics, although we’re not sure “Well, I am… Nebula” would’ve been quite so impactful a final line.

Bored of waiting for Fantastic Four casting news? This might help…

Fantastic Four possible cast: Penn Badgley, Jodie Comer, Joe Keery, Jason Segel
Images via Getty

Marvel really dropped the ball in failing to give us the Fantastic Four cast at D23 (no, we’re still not over that!), so with the lack of any official news on the horizon, we’ve gone ahead and pitched a variety of potential lineups for how the First Family could look in the MCU, from some safe, reliable choices to some real wild-card suggestions. Penn Badgley as Mr. Fantastic? Pfft, why not Ted Lasso‘s Jason Sudeikis? You heard it here first.

Return tomorrow, True Believers, for another riveting roundup of the latest Marvel news. ‘Nuff said.

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