Latest Sci-Fi News: ‘Ant-Man 3’ is now the focus of Marvel CGI criticism and Gina Carano rants about her ‘Star Wars’ firing on social media… again

ant-man and the wasp quantumania
via Marvel Studios

There’s no denying that the MCU is going through a bit of a rough patch with how projects in Phase 4 have turned out in terms of audience reception. But even though they’re looking toward a brighter future not dissimilar from the glory of the Infinity Saga, their upcoming movie Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania is still garnering a ton of criticism when it comes to the CGI.

Meanwhile, former Star Wars star Gina Carano has gone on an unreserved tirade against a Hollywood Reporter employee after they mocked her latest flick for grossing a sum shy of $1,000 dollars at the box office.

On the non-dramatic side of things, reviewers finally let us know what they really think about the live-action adaptation of The Last of Us on HBO and an underrated time-traveling pic from the French cinema garners love on streaming. Check out all of this in today’s sci-fi roundup.

The Last of Us does break the video game curse according to some of the reviews, but how far is another question

The Last of Us Ellie saving Joel from the Infected
Image via Naughty Dog

HBO and Craig Mazin were so confident in The Last of Us that they boldly marketed it as the TV show to wash over the barren creative swamp where video game adaptations go to die. Fortunately for them, the majority of critics seem to agree with that assessment, describing The Last of Us on HBO as an adaptation that even manages to supersede the universally acclaimed 2013 video game on several fronts.

Not everyone can jump on the hype bandwagon, however, as they find the show’s failure to renovate the post-apocalyptic survival horror genre a discernible issue. That being said, we gamers know that it could’ve turned out much worse, so we’re just happy that The Last of Us manages to be a decent television series in its own medium if nothing else.

The streaming crowd is apparently curious about this overlooked sci-fi flick with the most generic premise you could possibly conceive

the visitor from the future
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The Visitor From the Future is a movie that’s all too truthful to its title, featuring a visitor from the future who has to find a way to correct the course of history and stop civilization from facing an apocalyptic event in 2555. I know, that’s about the most generic sci-fi premise you could come up with, but this French thriller from 2022 still has a few redeeming qualities if user scores are to be believed. In fact, the movie has managed to acquire a perfect 100% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Its IMDb score isn’t as promising, but we’ve seen more terrible sci-fi flops in our time. So, if you’re in the mood for time-travel shenanigans and have absolutely exhausted cinema’s supply of such films, then this might be worth a watch.

Gina Carano blasts a reporter for calling out her recent box office disaster

gina carano cara dune the mandalorian
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Our blissful Gina Carano-free spree on social media has come to an unfortunate end as the former Mandalorian star recently went out of her way to address her Star Wars firing all over again. When one user pointed out the disturbing fact that Carano’s new flick under the Daily Wire has managed to gross a ludicrous $804 at the box office, a Hollywood Reporter employee responded by saying Carano could’ve turned into a galaxy far, far away icon if she decided to stick it out with Disney for a while longer.

This enraged the right-leaning martial artist to the point of no return, so she went on a rant about how she made the right decision. “The genuine bag fumble is sell-out journalists like you who sold out America and stopped asking questions to be liked by a fickle manipulated mob,” she wrote. “That is what you valued and that will be your legacy.” Yikes.

The MCU is still struggling to get the CGI right, and Ant-Man 3 is the latest victim of their oversight

Kang in 'Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania'
Image via Marvel Studios

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania is properly reinforcing our hype for the MCU’s future. Not only is this threequel a much darker take on Scott Lang’s story, but the return of Kang and the launch of his so-called “dynasty” is rallying a ton of excitement for the next Avengers movie. Unfortunately, Marvel Studios mistreating their CGI artists and putting them under crunch is continuing to bite them in the backside even in the upcoming Phase 5 lineup.

While the first real deal-breaker for a number of fans was Thor: Love and Thunder, the lackluster CG effects are still an issue according to numerous folks on social media. The internet has spoken, Marvel. It’s past time you increased the visual effects department’s budget and resources.