Latest Sci-Fi News: James Cameron swears a blood oath to develop this sequel and James Gunn continues to dismantle the SnyderVerse

The Justice League
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Warner Bros. already knew there’d be massive changes to their creative line-up when they brought James Gunn to steer the DCU ship. Now, as a result, what remains of the SnyderVerse is in shambles, and there’s no telling if any of the old stars, including Gal Gadot, Henry Cavill, and Ben Affleck will ever make a return.

As we try to come to terms with this massive upheaval, Avatar: The Way of Water director James Cameron finally makes a promise that he won’t be able to back out from, and the internet community prepares to celebrate the return of a beloved sci-fi heroine that became something of a cult figure in 2019.

This overlooked sci-fi thriller is finally getting some recognition on streaming

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You can never be sure how a time loop story will turn out. Due to the sheer number of movies that choose this narrative device to chart their path to cinematic glory, it feels as though we have already seen every possible take and angle on a repeating temporal chronology, but despite what reservations you may retain over this genre, one particular flick is jumping through the ranks in the streaming world for no other reason than being something of a more decent effort in this regard. So, if you feel like getting a kick of the old-timey sci-fi spectacular, be sure to check out Before I Fall on Paramount Plus.

James Cameron swears a ‘blood oath’ to make that Alita: Battle Angel sequel with Robert Rodriguez

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Alita: Battle Angel is still a subject of ferocious online campaigning. Many folks simply won’t give up until director Robert Rodriguez and producer James Cameron get around to developing the sequel, which the 2019 movie clearly teased. Now, in a recent chat to promote The Way of Water, Cameron has given fans a “blood oath” to make that Alita sequel a reality, and Rodriguez himself seems to be keen enough.

Let’s just hope that the long-anticipated Avatar sequel manages to sweep the global box office charts like it’s supposed to, which in turn will give the legendary filmmaker enough leeway to get Alita 2 greenlit as soon as possible.

Fans don’t know how to feel about James Gunn slowly dismantling the SnyderVerse

henry cavill superman
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With Wonder Woman 3 canned and James Gunn confirming that Henry Cavill’s days of putting on the red cape are over, we can’t help but feel like there’s practically no future for the SnyderVerse now. Even the forthcoming Flash movie is in an ambiguous state following all the publicized scandal Ezra Miller left in his wake, so we might not get to glimpse Ben Affleck’s Caped Crusader for one last time, after all. In fairness, the SnyderVerse was always a string of misfires and incoherent plotlines, so not much of a loss there, but for those of you who have been waiting for the man to come in and develop his planned Justice League sequels, this might be goodbye.