Latest Sci-Fi News: Mark Hamill’s reason for retiring as the Joker makes fans emotional as this ‘Daredevil’ star sets tongues wagging with a BTS image

Batman fighting Joker in Batman: The Animated Series
Image via Warner Bros.

While a great many people recognize Mark Hamill as the unmistakable face of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, his iconic voice would perk up ears and immediately remind them of the Prince of Crime in Gotham City. But after manically laughing his way through innumerable DC projects opposite Kevin Conroy, the American thespian is putting up the mantle for a reason that will tug at your heartstrings.

In other news, a Daredevil star has shared a behind-the-scenes photo on his Instagram that immediately started a conversation about the upcoming Disney Plus series. Meanwhile, the galaxy far, far away community is counting down the seconds to The Mandalorian season three by speculating about the recent trailer, or one particular scene involving Baby Yoda, to be specific.

Is Royce Johnson hinting that Daredevil: Born Again has already started shooting?

daredevil she-hulk
via Marvel Studios

Charlie Cox promises his fans that the upcoming Daredevil show on Disney Plus will mark the beginning of a new era for Matt Murdock, but the fact that it’s scheduled for release in 2024 means we have a long wait ahead of us. Recently, a Netflix-era Daredevil star posted a picture of himself in costume as Detective Sergeant Brett Mahoney. This could obviously be a BTS image from years ago, but if Royce Johnson is actually back on set, then work on Daredevil: Born Again has started sooner than anticipated.

Star Wars fans wonder who saved Baby Grogu for the hundredth time

via Lucasfilm

According to the recent Mandalorian trailer, Baby Grogu is going to experience more flashbacks involving the night of Order 66. If multiple Jedi Masters are going out of their way to protect a single Youngling when all around them the pupils are dropping down like flies, then perhaps there’s something more to this Force-sensitive creature than meets the eye. Are we finally going to learn who ended up smuggling Grogu out of the Jedi Temple and away from the slaughter? From the Grand Inquisitor to Anakin and Jar-Jar, Star Wars fans are speculating hard about the answer to that question, so make sure to join the conversation if you have theories of your own.

Mark Hamill is retiring as the Joker; his reason will hit you right in the feels

Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne in "Crisis on Infinite Earths"
Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne in the Arrowverse / Photo via The CW

The Star Wars legend and everyone’s favorite internet dad is passing on the velvety coat of Joker after nearly three decades. Everyone will miss his iconic voice as Bruce Wayne’s arch-nemesis, and many will no doubt object to this early retirement, but not after hearing Hamill’s heartbreaking thought process that led to this decision.

“They would call and say, ‘They want you to do the Joker,’ and my only question was, ‘Is Kevin Batman?’ If they said yes, I would say, ‘I’m in.’ We were like partners. We were like Laurel and Hardy. Without Kevin there, there doesn’t seem to be a Batman for me.”

Now, who’s cutting all these onions?