Latest ‘The Marvels’ leak leads to criticism over major Kamala Khan change

ms marvel
Photo via Marvel Studios

Coming on the heels of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, both of which we just got new trailers for, is The Marvels, which will be the third and final MCU movie of 2023. As it won’t be with us until next summer, it’s too early for Marvel to start rolling out the hype wagon for the Captain Marvel sequel, but fortunately for impatient fans leaks have already begun making their way online, thereby giving us an early taste of what to expect.

Less fortunately, the latest leak is leading to criticism from certain fans over a significant change that looks to have been made to the costume of Kamala Khan. Iman Vellani’s teen heroine just debuted in her own Ms. Marvel Disney Plus series earlier this year and she’s set to team up with her superhero idol in the upcoming movie. Interestingly, it looks like the Jersey City native will take another page from Carol Danvers’ book in the film as this leaked Hot Wheels merch reveals Kamala will be going mask-free.

And it seems fans hate the idea. In a Reddit thread unpacking the leak, folks made it known that they feel her super-suit really loses something without the blue/gold domino mask to hold it together.

“It’s like having Batman without his mask.”

Why are we OK with Carol not wearing her helmet most times but are freaked out by a maskless Kamala? Discuss.

For those upset, one more level-headed fan pointed out that the costume switch is likely just temporary. As The Marvels is set to take Kamala into space, there’s really no need for her to hide her identity. What, are the Kree going to tattle on her to her New Jersey neighbors?

What’s more, it’s possible this is even an entirely different outfit, based on Kamala’s Kree nanosuit from the comics that she uses to travel in space.

All in all, The Marvels moaners may want to wait for some more context before passing judgement on Ms. Marvel’s new threads. Catch the film in theaters from July 28, 2023.