Leaked Avengers 4 Images Reveal Classic Iron Man Suit, Ronin Costume And More


Though Marvel isn’t officially cranking up the marketing for Avengers 4 just yet, a bunch of stuff is starting to leak out that’s allowed us to build up a pretty good idea of what the sequel to Infinity War will be like.

Plot details, for instance, have told us to expect a time-traveling nostalgic trip through the past decade of the MCU, while various concept art has given us a glimpse of what the heroes will look like the next time we see them. Just this week, in fact, we got a pretty good look at the new armor that Cap will be wearing and now, we’ve just received a whole bunch of leaked images which tease some very, very exciting things to come.

We should note that what we have for you below arrives from Reddit and hasn’t been verified, but the folks on there seem to think it’s genuine and we do as well. And though a lot of it is blurry and pixelated, there’s certainly enough here to get fans talking. Between our first real look at Jeremy Renner’s new Ronin costume to Brie Larson rocking the classic Captain Marvel suit, these images are sure to spawn a whole bunch of theories and discussions online.

Pretty cool, eh? There’s a lot to digest in this gallery, but no doubt the biggest reveals are the aforementioned Ronin guise along with a very cool new set of armor for War Machine and what looks like the classic Iron Man suit. There’s also a few shots – although, they’re extremely pixelated – of Thanos in his armor along with yet another look at Cap’s scale costume and even a glance at the God of Thunder, who looks more or less the same as the last time we saw him.

With the first trailer for Avengers 4 said to be arriving in November, it shouldn’t be too long now before we start seeing some official promo material. But in the meantime, this leaked concept art will surely tide fans over and only heighten the anticipation for the upcoming blockbuster that much more.

Source: Reddit