Leaked Avengers 4 Promo Art Reveals Thanos Will Don His Armor Again


Though Marvel isn’t officially cranking up the marketing for Avengers 4 just yet, several bits and pieces have leaked out that’ve allowed us to build up a working image of what the sequel to Infinity War will be like. Plot details, for instance, have prepared us to expect a time-traveling nostalgic trip through the past ten years of the MCU, while various concept art has given us a glimpse of what the heroes will look like the next time we see them.

What we have for you today is mostly the same in that regard, as it once again shows us Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and the rest looking pretty much how they did in that aforementioned leak. However, it does also confirm one new fact that we didn’t know – Thanos will don his armor again in Avengers 4.

Check it out for yourself in the gallery below and you’ll see that, though his body isn’t shown, the presence of his helmet makes clear that the Mad Titan won’t be going for the same stripped-back look as he sported in Infinity War.

It was always a curious decision for Thanos to remove his armor when things finally started getting tough, though it’s clear this was intended to show the villain’s arrogance and total belief that he was going to beat the Avengers and collect all six Infinity Stones. It seems that the Mad Titan’s armor is just for ceremonial purposes, then, so as he’s achieved his goal, it makes sense that he would don it again now that he believes the battle’s over.

Or, perhaps Thanos wears the armor after he finds out the remaining Avengers are coming after him, looking to undo what he did. It could be that this time the tyrant decides not to take any chances, especially now that he knows Thor has Stormbreaker, perhaps the only weapon that could actually do some damage to him. Alternatively, it’s also possible Thanos is in his armor again because the Thanos depicted in the promo art is based on the version who’ll appear in the flashbacks the film’s set to have.

Hopefully it’ll only be a couple more months until we get to see some actual footage of the Mad Titan and the surviving heroes in Avengers 4, but until then, feel free to speculate down below.

Source: Reddit