The LEGO Batman Movie Director Wants To Direct A Live-Action DC Film


With the DC Extended Universe having struggled throughout 2016, many DC Comics fans seemed to have resigned themselves to the fact that The LEGO Batman Movie will be the only comic book adaptation from Warner Bros. which lives up to expectations this year. It’s still a bit too early to make claims like that, of course, but the spinoff definitely looks promising.

After working as an animator on The LEGO Movie and several TV shows, it’s Chris McKay who will be at the helm of this brick-filled adventure for the Caped Crusader, and he’s now expressed a very real interest in remaining in the DC Universe. Only next time, he’s hoping to make the leap from the animated to the live-action realm.

Addressing a fan on Twitter, The LEGO Batman Movie director said that he’d “like to be part of [the DCEU] somehow,” going on to state, “I’m going to go in and see those guys and pitch myself and go from there…but thank you!” when it was suggested that a petition could be started to make that dream become a reality.

Before getting too excited about this prospect, it would probably be smart to see how The LEGO Batman Movie does first. That being said, Warner Bros. still needs someone to tackle The Flash for them now that it’s getting yet another rewrite and is still without a director. Should this upcoming spinoff revolving around the Dark Knight prove to be a success, perhaps the studio could seriously consider McKay for the job?

What do you think? Would you like to see the director tackle a film in the DCEU for his next project? Sound off below with your thoughts!