8 Reasons Why The DC Extended Universe Deserves Another Chance


2016 was not an easy year for Warner Bros. After the mixed reception to Man of Steel back in 2013, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (a guaranteed $1 billion hit on the surface) and Suicide Squad were meant to turn everything around for them, creating a DC Extended Universe in the process which would have been every bit as popular and successful as Marvel’s.

Things didn’t exactly go as planned, however, and with fans and critics alike rejecting the darker tone of those aforementioned movies, the studio has gone back to the drawing board in an attempt to course correct. Now, all eyes are on Wonder Woman and Justice League to make up for past mistakes, something which is absolutely essential as these various solo outings all take one step closer to beginning production.

Unfortunately, some seem to have already written off the DC Extended Universe as a failure. In my opinion, that’s ridiculous, especially as this world is still very much in its infancy. What you’ll find here is a close look at why despite the mistakes they’ve made up to this point, Warner Bros. still deserves another chance. I’m in no way saying that they’ve been hitting home runs with their past few efforts, but there’s no reason to throw in the towel just yet.