The LEGO Movie Sequel Lands 2017 Release Date


Everything is awesome for LEGO fans right now. The LEGO Movie debuted to extremely positive reviews and has grossed over $200 million within just two weeks at the box office. It’s predicted to dominate again this weekend and today we have word that Warner Bros. is fast-tracking the sequel for a 2017 release. Before The LEGO Movie even came out, the studio hired Jared Stern (Wreck-It Ralph) and Michelle Morgan (Girl Most Likely) to pen the sequel, which, according to Collider, has just been given the release date of May 26, 2017.

Awesome! More LEGO is always a good thing, right? No word yet on who will direct the follow-up, but Chris Miller and Phil Lord have already said that they’d be willing to come back and produce. It’s unfortunate that they won’t be directing though, as a lot of what made the first film so great can be attributed to them. As such, whoever directs the follow-up has some pretty huge shoes to fill.

While this news is certainly exciting, it raises the question of what will happen to the Ninjago movie that’s concurrently in development; as we reported earlier this week, the studio is trying to decide whether or not to release Ninjango before The LEGO Movie 2. Now it seems that the LEGO property may come after a sequel to The LEGO Movie, unless the film is put into development extremely quickly for release in 2016. But, with the amount of time that goes into making an animated film of this magnitude, that isn’t likely.

What do you think of this news? Are you excited to hear that The LEGO Movie 2 (not the official title, of course) has been given a release date?