Leonardo DiCaprio Rescued A Drowning Man While On Vacation


There’s simply no rest for the famous, it seems, as it’s come to light recently that Leonardo DiCaprio has saved a man from drowning while he was on his New Year’s vacation in the Caribbean.

The story goes that while he was amongst friends at the tail end of December, he learned that an individual unknown to him had fallen overboard whilst on a cruise ship in St. Barts. Perhaps risking his own life, the Hollywood heartthrob received the distress call and immediately set about searching for the individual in question with his boat. Luckily, he found him nearly twenty-six nautical miles (just slightly less than a regular mile) from where he fell. After being in the water for eleven hours, the unidentified man was at risk of drowning, but reports indicate that he was brought on board by Leo and friends.

The story doesn’t end there, though. As if being rescued by one of the most well-respected actors in the world wasn’t enough, DiCaprio then served up some food and beverages before the man was taken to the coast guard where authorities could tend to him more thoroughly.

It was certainly lucky that this individual didn’t succumb to a watery demise. Imagine treading water for nearly half a day only for Jack Dawson himself to turn up and rescue you. The ending of this story could have been much more dire without Leo’s intervention and it’s also a wee bit ironic being saved by a man probably best known for playing a character who drowns.

Whether he’s a fan of his work or not, the unidentified person will likely be telling this story for years to come. And honestly, we can’t help but wonder how many Titanic jokes are going to start circulating now.

Leonardo DiCaprio and his representatives have yet to make a statement about the incident, but we can only assume that he’s being humble about it. Still, good on him for stepping up and saving a person’s life.

Source: MovieWeb