Leslie Grace shares her ‘Batgirl’ skincare routine

Since joining the DCEU in HBO Max’s incoming Batgirl movie, leading star Leslie Grace has fast become a household name for fans around the world. Recently Grace took Twitter by storm when she uploaded a workout video for the upcoming film and now she is taking hold of the beauty world.

In a recent post, the Latin singer let fans in on her skincare and beauty regime, focusing on cleansing, exfoliating, steaming, anti-jetlag masks, serums, sunscreen, and moisturizing; adding to Twitter that she loves spending more time on her skincare during the holidays to help her relax.

Most recently, Grace took to the big screens in John M. Chu’s adaption of In The Heights, a musical taking place over a hot summer night, and now with recent set pics from Batgirl showing that Gotham City is in for a cold Christmas, there is nothing more important than protecting her skin against the elements.

DC’s Batgirl is due for release in 2022 but for now, fans can watch Leslie Grace’s entire skincare and beauty regime in the video below.

In The Heights is now streaming on HBO Max, and fans can also check out Leslie Grace’s discography on Spotify.