Liam Neeson Will Kick Ass Again

Liam Neeson has been doing a lot of ass kicking recently. In fact, in his old age, that’s all the esteemed actor seems to be doing. Whether it’s in Wrath of the Titans, The Grey, Unknown, Taken or Battleship, the actor seems to have found his calling.

Continuing on his path of destruction, Neeson has signed onto yet another action film that will once again see him kicking ass. Variety tells us that the actor will star in Non-Stop. The film will follow “a worn-out air marshal who faces a threat while traveling on an international flight.” Neeson will take the lead role and so far, he’s the only actor attached to the project. There is a director on board though and his name is Jeff Wadlow, who you may know from Never Back Down. Frankly, that doesn’t give me much faith in this one.

The generic action flick seems like nothing more than a cash grab for both the actor and the studio that is handling the distribution, which happens to be Warner Bros. Truthfully, I wouldn’t expect much from Non-Stop. Sure, it’s always fun to see Neeson going badass but we’ve seen it a lot recently and unless this film offers something new and exciting, it will likely be just another “Liam Neeson action flick.”