Lily James And Sam Claflin Eyeing Up World War II Comedy Their Finest Hour And A Half


The Hunger Games star Sam Claflin and Cinderella‘s Lily James are reportedly circling the lead roles in British comedy, Their Finest Hour And A Half. The witty title harkens to the average length of a film, as the movie explores the shenanigans of a film crew trying to helm a cheery wartime pic after the blitz.

Based on Lissa Evans’ 2009 award-winning novel, the adaptation caught the eye of Lone Scherfig (One Day, An Education), who is now attached to direct. Wild Gaze, Number 9 and BBC Films are working together to produce the movie, which will be introduced to buyers in Santa Monica next month at the American Film Market.

Before either actor commits to the flick, they’ll each have a number of titles hitting the market. Claflin can be next seen in The Riot Club and Love, Rosie. Meanwhile, his potential love interest, James, has two aces up her sleeve; she’s currently filming a leading role in Pride And Prejudice And Zombies before heading over to The Weinstein Company for their War & Peace miniseries.

Until we receive confirmation of James and Claflin’s involvement, check out the synopsis from the novel and let us know what you make of Their Finest Hour And A Half.

In 1940, every draft of every film script had to be approved by the Ministry of Information. Cast and crew were waiting to be called up at any moment, travel was restricted and filming was interrupted by regular bombing raids. And so it is that we find a disparate group of characters whose paths would never have crossed in peacetime: Ambrose Hilliard, a washed up old ham from the golden era of silent movies; Catrin Cole, formerly an advertising copywriter drafted in to ‘write women’ for the Ministry of Information; Edith Beadmore, a wardrobe assistant at Madame Tussauds; and Arthur Frith, peacetime catering manager turned wartime Special Military Advisor.

This distinct group find themselves thrown together in the wilds of Norfolk to ‘do their bit’ on the latest propaganda film – a heart-warming tale of derring do, of two sisters who set out in a leaking old wooden boat to rescue the brave men trapped at Dunkirk. All completely fabricated, of course, but what does that matter when the nation’s morale is at stake? Newly crowned actor, script-writer, costumier and military attaché must swallow their mutual distaste, ill-will and mistrust and unite for the common good, for King and country, and – in one case – for better or worse…

Source: Deadline