Logan TV Spot Separates Beauty From Beast


Venturing out to see Disney’s Beauty and the Beast this coming weekend? The latest TV spot for James Mangold’s Logan asks you to kindly reconsider.

Clocking in at TV spot number 33 (!), the bite-sized promo focuses on the opening segment of James Mangold’s critically-adorned thriller, when James Howlett is simply trying to make ends meet as a limousine driver. It’s a miserable life for Hugh Jackman’s world-weary mutant, and it’s small wonder why Wolverine’s signature temper gets the better of him just as today’s new promo closes out. That being said, the teaser is more of a cheeky wink to Logan‘s forthcoming box office tussle with Beauty and the Beast than anything else, so you needn’t worry too much about spoilers.

In related news, yesterday brought forth a fresh wave of concept art for the R-rated actioner, while our recent feature took a closer look at the restricted rating and why studios are beginning to warm to the idea of engineering superhero (anti-hero?) movies for adult audiences following the back-to-back success of Deadpool and Logan. The former was successful enough to spawn a sequel, and though it encountered some turbulence early on in pre-production, Deadpool 2 is beginning to make serious headway after drafting in Zazie Beetz to play kick-ass mercenary Domino.

Logan is screening in theaters across the globe right now. Box Office Mojo places its current worldwide haul just north of $457 million going into this coming weekend, and though it’ll face stiff competition from both Beauty and the Beast (March 17th) and Legendary’s Kong: Skull Island, if Wolverine’s final stand finishes its theatrical run in the region of $550 million or more, it’ll be considered a resounding success.