The Five Best Joseph Gordon-Levitt Performances

This past decade has seen Joseph Gordon-Levitt blossom from a relatively successful child actor into a full-fledged, A-list, Hollywood star. You may remember him from Angels In The Outfield or as Tommy Solomon on 3rd Rock From The Sun, but now Gordon-Levitt has become a very talented adult actor, time after time giving deep and daring performances in both supporting and starring roles.

This has been the biggest year yet for Gordon-Levitt by far and it’s not even done yet. Looper is finally in theaters and in the next few months he will star in Lincoln. He’ll also make his directorial debut with Don Jon’s Addiction.

In honor of the theatrical release of Looper, we’ve compiled a list of Gordon-Levitt’s top 5 performances. Keep in mind, this list is purely based on his performance in the film, not the quality of the film as a whole. Also, please note that we only took into account Gordon-Levitt’s pre-Looper performances.

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