Lucasfilm And Disney Reportedly Fighting Over Star Wars

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

The blame for most of the issues to have befallen Star Wars during the Disney era tend to be laid at the door of Kathleen Kennedy by the fans, and while she’s the Lucasfilm president and the main decision maker behind everything that goes on in a galaxy far, far away, at the end of the day, she’s still an employee of the Mouse House.

Kennedy no doubt gets a huge amount of creative control and leeway, as will her counterpart Kevin Feige over at Marvel Studios, but Disney own both of the production companies and will always have the final say in all matters. It’s a delicate situation, and nobody knows for sure how much autonomy the respective presidents have at their companies, but it certainly feels as though Star Wars is being pulled in two different directions.

The movies have tended to increasingly split opinion down the middle, while Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni have received nothing but praise for The Mandalorian, with the small screen universe yet to come in for any sort of sustained criticism. However, insider Daniel Richtman now offers up that a power struggle is brewing behind the scenes, with Disney actively seeking to take more control over the property, although the tipster doesn’t dive into any of the finer points.

It would be far from the first time we’ve heard about such dissension in the ranks, though, and it no doubt won’t be the last, but with Star Wars set to continue expanding on both the big screen and Disney Plus over the coming years, a unified creative approach is more important than ever to ensure that the long-running sci-fi series can match its quantity with quality.