Lucasfilm Doesn’t Think George Lucas Will Ever Return To Star Wars

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Given the incredibly polarizing reactions to recent Star Wars movies, with The Last Jedi and Solo being particularly singled out for criticism by fans, some people are holding out hope that George Lucas will eventually return to the fold and regain control of the franchise he started over 40 years ago.

There’ve been rumors that Lucas has been heavily involved in reshoots for the upcoming Rise of Skywalker, leading to speculation that he’ll once again become involved with Star Wars in an official capacity. However, let’s not forget that the filmmaker came under heavy fire himself for the Prequel Trilogy, which suffered from a massive over-reliance on CGI at the expense of the practical effects that sci-fi series was famous for, not to mention some of the worst dialogue ever to be found in a Hollywood blockbuster.

The cyclical nature of the movie business means that popular brands will always be repurposed to appeal to new audiences, but the constantly-growing nostalgia market also means that if fans don’t like the product that’s being given to them, they’ll hold out hope for one of the key members of the original creative team to return in the hopes that it will return to former glories. It didn’t work with James Cameron on Terminator: Dark Fate, and it may not work with the Snyder Cut of Justice League, either.

Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy was recently asked though if she thought that George Lucas would ever return to the Star Wars franchise at some point in the future, and she seemed pretty clear in her answer.

“I doubt it. But listen, I think that would be fantastic, if he would be interested in doing that again. But I doubt it.”

Lucas sold his studio to Disney for $4 billion several years ago, and having created one of the most enduring and popular brands in entertainment, the guy has earned the right to do whatever he wants. Bringing him back to Star Wars would only be taking a step backwards, and it’s doubtful that the multi-billionaire would have any interest in returning, either.