Mad Max: Fury Road Sequel May Be Entering Development Soon


Mad Max: Fury Road was immediately embraced by critics and filmgoers alike when it first came crashing into theaters back in 2015, making it just a little mind-boggling that the year is now 2019 and we’ve yet to receive so much as a confirmation that a sequel is on the way. Think of it this way: Tom Hardy will probably be going in front of the cameras to play Venom again before he reprises his role as Max. Let’s just contemplate that fact for a second before we move on to this new report.

Anyway, in response to the recent news that the plug has officially been pulled on David Fincher’s World War Z sequel, Fandango’s Erik Davis has relayed word that the long-awaited follow-up to Fury Road is “beginning to rev its engines.” The editor went on to clarify that he doesn’t have any further details on the matter, and that there’s no guarantee the project will make it into production, but he’s “hopeful” it will happen.

It’s not much to go on, but we’ll take it, especially when news on the sequel has been so thin as of late. Back in 2017, it was even thought by many that the series was close to dead when director George Miller’s production company filed a lawsuit against Warner Bros. over Mad Max: Fury Road‘s earnings, but if this latest report has it right, then maybe the two camps have managed to work something out.

In any case, Miller has made it very clear in the past that he has other ideas in mind for possible sequels, with the filmmaker claiming back in 2017 that he has at least two other screenplays written for stories in the Mad Max world. Whether those ideas will ever make it to cinemas remains to be seen, but for the first time in a while, there’s reason to be optimistic.