All Main Characters From Enola Holmes Reportedly Returning For Sequel

Enola Holmes
Image via Netflix

One of the very few enterprises to have benefited from just how long the Coronavirus pandemic has dragged on for are the various streaming services, with subscriber numbers steadily rising throughout 2020 as the majority of theaters around the world remained closed. It also saw Hollywood’s biggest studios sell off some major titles, and the multitude of subscription-based platforms were happy to pick them up.

Aaron Sorkin’s awards season contender The Trial of the Chicago 7 was developed at Paramount before being sold to Netflix, while Sacha Baron Cohen took Borat Subsequent Moviefilm to Amazon due to his desire for the surprise comedy sequel to be seen by as big an audience as possible before the presidential election.

Producer and star Millie Bobby Brown, meanwhile, initially partnered up with Legendary Pictures to bring Enola Holmes to the big screen, but six months after shooting had finished, the production company’s regular collaborators Warner Bros. shopped the project to Netflix, where it proceeded to become one of the streamer’s most-watched movies ever after drawing in 76 million viewers in the first four weeks it was available.

Brown and director Harry Bradbeer have already said that they want to make at least five sequels to adapt the entire book series, and we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones who told us Netflix were developing an Extraction sequel and a Witcher prequel well before they were announced – that all of the main cast members are set to return for the next Enola Holmes outing.

While the major players returning for the follow-up is hardly a groundbreaking development, it’s nice to get confirmation and hints at much larger roles in the story for Henry Cavill’s Sherlock and Helena Bonham Carter’s Eudoria, both of whom existed on the fringes of the plot first time around, but were still pivotal characters that audiences very much embraced.