Hugh Jackman And Dwayne Johnson Reportedly Have Cameos In Ryan Reynolds’ Free Guy

Free Guy
Image via 20th Century Studios

After several delays and release date reshufflings, Free Guy is finally due out this August. The high concept action-comedy features Ryan Reynolds and Jodie Comer – with the Killing Eve star in her first major blockbuster role – alongside Taika Waititi and Stranger Things‘ Joe Keery. Not only that, but it’s now been revealed that the upcoming movie will contain a bunch of other familiar faces in surprise cameos.

This info comes from the official listing for Free Guy on the 20th Century Studios website, so we’re pretty sure we can trust it, and it includes the full cast for the film, which boasts the names of four A-list stars that we didn’t expect to see. Specifically, it looks like we can confirm that Hugh Jackman, Dwayne Johnson, Tina Fey and John Krasinski will cameo in the Shawn Levy-directed flick.

Expect the internet to go crazy over the Jackman and Johnson cameos in particular. Marvel fans have been wanting to see Reynolds and Jackman share the screen as Deadpool and Wolverine for the longest time, and though it’s not a DP movie, folks will no doubt enjoy watching the Australian actor team up with his Canadian pal here. What’s more, Johnson’s walk-on part prefaces his partnership with Reynolds in Netflix’s upcoming thriller Red Notice, which co-stars Gal Gadot.

Oddly, much-missed Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek isn’t listed among the cast here, but Ryan previously confirmed that the TV legend had shot a scene for Free Guy prior to his death last year. It’s possible that Trebek’s status as a host and not an actor is why he isn’t credited. Clearly, though, the film is due to be stuffed full of memorable cameos.

Free Guy features Reynolds as Guy, who discovers he’s an NPC character in a video game and teams up with Comer’s hacker to save his world from destruction. Catch it in theaters from August 13th.