Malick’s Next Film Will Be More Experimental Than The Tree Of Life

Making the press rounds for The Tree Of Life, the producers of the film have been chatting about some of director Terrence Malick‘s other projects, notably The Burial, which is the rumored title for his next film. Of course, details so far have been hard to come by and with a cast that includes Ben Affleck, Rachel McAdams, Rachel Weisz, Olga Kurylenko, Javier Bardem, Barry Pepper and Jessica Chastain, it’s no wonder people are curious as to what the director has cooked up for his next film.

24 Frames is reporting that Malick has finished reshoots and photography on the film. They also said that it’s “even more experimental than Tree of Life.” Of course this can mean many things but just don’t expect anything conventional. And while there is a still out, which can be seen above, it’s anyone’s guess as to when the film will hit theatres. It may still be a year or two out, if not more.

In other Malick news, his documentary that he’s been working on, Voyage Of Time, will have Brad Pitt narrating and it will cover “the whole of time, from the birth of the universe to its final collapse.” Topics covered include “the first signs of life, bacteria, cellular pioneers, first love, consciousness, the ascent of humanity, life and death and the end of the universe” and apparently, Malick is working with 20 consultants on the film. Seems pretty ambitious.

Despite what you think about Terrence Malick, he’s an interesting filmmaker and no matter what he makes, it’s always worth a watch. Both these projects have me intrigued, especially his documentary. Knowing Malick though, we likely won’t be seeing much information on the two projects for a little while. And who knows when we’ll see them in theatres. Don’t hold your breath though. That being said, we’ll definitely keep you updated if we hear anything more.