Man Of Steel 2 Fan Trailer Brings Supergirl, Brainiac And Bizarro Into The DCEU


Though we’ve already seen Henry Cavill’s Superman in three out of the five DCEU movies to date, there’s still so much more of the Big Blue Boy Scout’s mythos to bring to the big screen. As such, Supes fans are forever calling for Warner Bros. to give us a Man of Steel 2. But what would a sequel feature? Common theories suggest it would introduce Brainiac and Supergirl into the franchise, but how would that work?

Following on from his recent mock-trailer for Wonder Woman 2featuring John Krasinski as Green Lantern, YouTuber Alex Luthor has made the above Man of Steel 2 video that imagines how the touted sequel could include a few more of Supes’ supporting characters. Namely, Tom Hardy as Brainiac and Alexandra Daddario as Kara Zor-El AKA Supergirl. Not to mention Henry Cavill as Superman’s evil clone, Bizarro.

As ever, this is a hugely fan-pleasing piece from the editor, featuring footage from Man of Steel, Superman Returns, Star Trek: Nemesis and others, plus fitting audio clips from various DC animated productions. Not to mention that it also has some inspired casting choices.

Daddario would actually be a perfect fit to play Kal-El’s cousin, and we wouldn’t be surprised if she was already on WB’s shortlist for the character (if they even have one). And obviously, Hardy would be brilliant as the knowledge-seeking android villain. Though we’re not sure he would be free to return to the DC universe nowadays, seeing as he’s playing Eddie Brock in the upcoming Venom for Sony.

Though it’s near the top of every DCEU fans’ wishlist, we don’t yet know if or when Man of Steel 2 will actually materialize. Henry Cavill has confirmed that he has at least one movie left on his contract, while director Matthew Vaughn is fairly open about the fact that he’s been in talks with the studio to helm it. Despite this, the project was left off a recent list of DC’s upcoming movies, so who knows?

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