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Margot Robbie is pretty in pink in ‘Barbie’ set photos

Looking as incredible as ever.

margot robbie barbie
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The film event of 2023, Barbie, is continuing to generate buzz with star Margot Robbie looking perfect in pink on the set of the film.

Men had their fun with Joker, now it’s time for women to have their turn. Greta Gerwig’s Barbie has gotten people talking already, thanks to the stills released so far of its eponymous character and of Ryan Gosling as Ken. Whether or not this Ken will be as good as the one in Toy Story 3, however, remains to be seen.

On set for the film, paparazzi have snuck a few snaps of Robbie in her prep for the role. And in a pink jumpsuit, no less. It’s what the world deserves after such a tough and divisive few years. Barbie is here, and nature is healing.

Robbie and Gosling were both confirmed for the film in Jan. 2022, with three-time Academy Award nominated director Gerwig signed on to direct. After Gerwig’s successes with Lady Bird and Little Women, it could just be a combination made in heaven. The film has been in development hell for a while, with much-maligned comedian Amy Schumer even rumored for the title role.

Barbie is set to premiere in cinemas July 21, 2023, meaning it’ll compete with films such as Oppenheimer and The Marvels. The Oppenheimer vs Barbie memes are already here, but they might end up being dwarfed by Brie Larson’s big Captain Marvel sequel.

Marvel alum Simu Liu is also in the cast for Barbie, and considering Captain Marvel’s cameo in Shang-Chi, he may end up in two of the biggest films of 2023.

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