Mark Hamill Approves Of Star Wars Title Changes With Last Jedi Quote

Star Wars Luke Jedi

Recently, a Star Wars fan came to the game-changing realization that the Skywalker Saga’s movie titles are all mixed up. And it seems that even the Last Jedi himself, Mark Hamill, agrees.

The story of that galaxy far, far away spans many millennia, but the history of Skywalkers, from the birth of Anakin to the Battle of Exegol, is the cornerstone of Star Wars and every piece of related media it has since spawned. And if there’s anything George Lucas has done in terms of consistency, it’s to make sure that every installment in the franchise “rhymes” with the previous stanza. The result is an interconnected narrative that thematically repeats itself over and over again.

Even Disney’s Sequel Trilogy roughly follows this formulaic approach. For one thing, The Force Awakens was in many regards a retelling of A New Hope. Even the controversial middle act, The Last Jedi, tried its hand at being unique, much like The Empire Strikes Back. So, it wasn’t that surprising when a fan swapped the titles and they ended up making even more sense than before.

Take Episode I and Episode IX, for instance, The Phantom Menace and The Rise of Skywalker, respectively. Wouldn’t it be better if The Rise of Skywalker was the first time we saw Anakin and The Phantom Menace implied the horrific return of the sinister Emperor Palpatine?

Well, at least Mark Hamill seems to think so. The actor recently endorsed the title change in a Twitter post with one of Luke’s quotes from The Last Jedi.

Hamill has been known to have fun with his fans on his Twitter page and this is another classic example of that. He also recently joked about not knowing who Ahsoka Tano is, which ended up confusing a lot of folks. He later clarified that he was just joking though and posted a picture of himself and Ashley Eckstein, Snips’ voice actress.

But tell us, what do you think about the Star Wars title changes? And do the entries make more sense, contextually speaking, now that their titles have been swapped? As usual, sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below.