Mark Hamill Jokes That He Doesn’t Know Who Ahsoka Tano Is

Ahsoka Tano

She’s the most popular Star Wars character to come from outside the movies, but Luke Skywalker himself has admitted that he’s not as up to date with the legend that is Ahsoka Tano as he should be. Yes, Mark Hamill is an icon of the franchise, but the actor has revealed that he isn’t familiar with Ahsoka, another of the saga’s biggest heroes.

A fan asked Hamill to rate how much he liked the Togruta former Jedi as a character out of ten. The Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker star had to come clean though that he needed some more prompting. “I’m sorry, but don’t know what Ahsoka Tano is.” Ouch, he didn’t even know they were talking about a “who.”

While it’s completely fair enough that Hamill isn’t as keyed into the SW TV shows as us dedicated fans, obviously Star Wars lovers went a bit crazy over the actor not recognizing Ahsoka’s name. A few hours later, though, Hamill posted another tweet clarifying that, yes, he does know who Ahsoka Tano is. In fact, he even knows her personally.

“Relax everyone, of course I know Ahsoka Tano!” Hamill wrote, attaching an image of Ahsoka from Star Wars: The Clone Wars and a fan-pleasing pic of himself hugging voice actress Ashley Eckstein. He went on to add, “Note to self: Binge watch #CloneWars ASAP, apologize to Ashley Eckstein next time I see her.”

If Hamill’s met Eckstein before, it’s likely he’s heard the name Ahsoka Tano from time to time, but it was seeing the words written down that threw him off. Clearly, he’s yet to catch up with The Clone Wars, but it sounds like he’s endeavouring to correct that oversight right away. So, something good definitely came out of this. Hope you enjoy it, Mark!

For those of us who’ve already finished watching TCW season 7, it won’t be long until Ahsoka Tano returns to our screens. She’s due to appear in The Mandalorian season 2, making her live-action debut, this fall, with Rosario Dawson all but confirmed to be playing her. Don’t miss that on Disney Plus in a few months’ time.